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Set forth below is a list of the principals, consultants and solutions providers who work with Oxbridge on a daily basis.

Karim Visram-Rajani
Chief Executive Officer
BA (McGill), MA (Oxford), JD (Columbia)
The Oxbridge Capital Group (Vancouver, Canada and London, United Kingdom)

Past Associations
Lawyer, Sullivan & Cromwell (New York, New York)
Investment Banker, Salomon Smith Barney (New York, New York)
Investment Banker, NM Rothschild & Sons (New York, New York)
McGill University
Oxford University
Columbia Law School

Key Competencies
Raising debt and equity for projects internationally. Mr. Rajani has been involved with more than $5 billion in debt and equity transactions in the past 60 months for clients around the world.

Greg Darragh
Past Associations
Aon Corp. / Combined Insurance - SB Reg Mgr
Commercial Union / Innovative Insurance - Prov Mgr
Pre Paid Legal - Regional V.P.
International Eco Endeavors Corp. - Co-Founder

Key Competencies
Private equity and venture capital opportunities, business development, marketing, International capital-raising, team development and execution.

Joseph Gauci
Managing Partner, Certified Public Accountant, KSI Malta

Past Associations
Manager, Deliotte –London; Managing Partner DFK Malta; Partner Grant Thornton; Managing Partner KSI Malta

Key Competencies
Raising capital, project risk analysis, specialist on Letters of Credit.

Gregory Ware
Co Founder and Managing Director
Global 3 Capital, LLC

Past Associations
Founder-Sons Capital Management Group, LLC
Co-Founder G&F Marketing and Financial Solutions
The Willet Group of Companies (Director- Finance & Insurance, contract compliance)
United States Marine Corps (retired)

Key Competencies
Business development, acquisition and debt refinancing, Mezzanine financing, International capital-raising, marketing, investment consulting, risk mitigation, financial structuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, real estate financing and Investing

Erdogan Cetin

Founder & Managing Partner
MBA (Istanbul), Bachelor’s Degree (Marmara University)
Universe Capital Partners

Past Associations
SRM Real Estate Asset & Investment Management
TCP Real Estate Private Equity

Key Competencies
Financial management, asset and investment management, budgeting and forecasting, portfolio management, IFRS reporting and audit, cash flow management, private equity, development management, project financing, equity financing and private placements.

Giampaolo Imbasciati
CEO – Founder, Institute for Business Ventures (by Sloop Italia)
EMBA Edhec (Lille)
Executive Corporate Finance (SDA Bocconi- Milano)
BSc, Engineering University La Sapienza Rome
Milan Order of Engineers Associate

Past Associations
Livolsi & Partners - Investment Banker & Special Project Affiliate
IBM - Business development staff unit (Milan & EMEA)
PMO at Unicredit, Veolia Water, Banca Fideuram, H3G, several SMEs

Key Competencies
Business planning, family venture set up, joint venture preparation, corporate development, private equity advisory, business process reengineering, governance, risk, compliance, business continuity management, change management, real estate development

Paul Davis
Founder and Sr. Managing Member
Global 3 Capital, LLC

Past Associations
CEO, Global 3 Acquisitions & Investments, Inc.
CEO Global 3 Commercial Capital, Inc.
Instructor, United States Army, Signal Corp.

Key Competencies
International capital-raising, marketing, investment consulting, risk mitigation, financial structuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, real estate financing and investing!

Esteban Morales Alcaraz
Managing Partner
Latin America Division

Managing Director
EMA Capital Partners

Past Associations
Danari Oil and Gas
MorMex International

Key Competencies
Providing services to public and private companies, including debt and equity financing. Experience includes financing and managing companies in real estate, oil and gas, heavy construction, pipelines, roads, bridges, and large water and sewer projects. Extensive experience in agriculture, resorts, hotels and travel and leisure.

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